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Loop Line track renewal works undertaken at Thirlmere and Buxton

Last financial year, the NSW Rail Museum at Thirlmere welcomed a record 80,000 visitors — most of whom visited to experience a heritage train ride along the museum's own heritage railway, known as the 'Loop Line'.

To cater for continued growth and demand for heritage train experiences at the museum, Transport Heritage NSW has undertaken significant track renewal works along the Loop Line.

This once-in-a-generation infrastructure project commenced on 29 January and includes the replacement of six turnouts and related infrastructure at both Thirlmere and Buxton. The 120-year-old existing turnouts were life expired. They have been replaced with turnouts constructed of heavy-duty concrete bearers and 53kg rail to ensure asset longevity and ongoing availability of parts for many decades to come.

Approximately 4,000 tonnes of material has been excavated and new formation material, ballast and drainage has  been installed. The turnout installation at Thirlmere is largely complete, while works at Buxton will continue into March.

Specialist crews from Sydney Trains have constructed mechanical signalling to operate the turnouts at Thirlmere, while contractor Taylor Rail Australia have constructed and reconditioned track at Buxton.

The works at Thirlmere and Buxton mark the completion of the first phase of the NSW Government funded Loop Line Upgrade Project, with 14km of track now upgraded between Picton and Buxton.

Turnout renewals on the Loop Line continue, with the line set to re-open this Saturday.

THNSW would like to thank the following parties for their contribution to the works:

  • Lycopodium Infrastructure Pty Ltd for track design and project management services.

  • SJM Signalling for signal design services.

  • Taylor Rail for the enormous track and civil works package.

  • Sydney Trains mechanical signalling team for their ongoing efforts with the installation of new and reconditioned mechanical signalling and ground-frames.

  • THNSW Signals and Perway teams, as well as both Chullora and Thirlmere workshop teams who have all been busily supporting the project in various ways throughout.

For more information on the project, visit: 


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