Chullora Heritage Hub

A new centre for transport heritage.


The NSW Government together with Transport Heritage NSW has announced that a centralised storage, maintenance and operations facility will be developed at Chullora in 2019. 

The Chullora Heritage Hub will enable many opportunities including:

  • Proper storage for the collection including rolling stock and small objects, providing much needed protection from deterioration 

  • Large workshop for restoration projects and ongoing maintenance 

  • Easy access to the main line network for more efficient heritage train operations

  • Potential for other recognised heritage transport groups to have a presence at the new hub

  • Knowledge sharing and skill development

  • Public access for special occasions in the longer term

Moving to Chullora means Transport Heritage NSW will no longer have collection items at Eveleigh and Broadmeadow, while the NSW Rail Museum at Thirlmere will remain as the premiere public showcase for rail heritage in NSW.

Further information will posted here as project planning progresses.



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