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Transfer Timetables for Hunter Valley Steamfest

Transport Heritage NSW is set for this weekend's Hunter Valley Steamfest, with locomotives 3526 and 6029 to transfer from Thirlmere to Maitland on Friday and returning Monday.

Tomorrow's transfer will see locomotives 3526 and 6029 travel together from Thirlmere to Flemington. At Flemington, the consist will split, with 3526 to pick up passengers at Concord West and 6029 waiting at Denistone. The two will then run alongside each other in a parallel run. Once the parallel run concludes at Pennant Hills, the two trains will follow in succession on their transfer to Maitland.

Below is the timetable for locomotives' transfer to and from Maitland. Times are indicative only, and may run earlier or later depending on the wider rail network.

Those who intend to catch a glimpse of the trains, please remember to stand behind the yellow line at stations, and remain only in publicly accessible areas, clear of the rail corridor.

To learn more about the Hunter Valley Steamfest, visit

Timetable: Friday 12 April 3526 and 6029 from Thirlmere to Flemington

Thirlmere 07:22am Picton 07:34-07:47am Menangle 08:06am Macarthur 08:12am Leightonfield 08:40am Flemington 09:00am

Timetable: Friday 12 April

3526 from Flemington to Maitland

6029 from Flemington to Maitland

Homebush 10:03am

Concord West 10:08-10:11am

Rhodes 10:13am

West Ryde 10:15am

Denistone 10:17am

Eastwood 10:20am

Epping 10:24am

Pennant Hills 10:31am

Thornleigh 10:34am

Hornsby 10:39 -10:40am

Berowra 10:51am

Cowan 10:55am

Hawkesbury River 11:05-11:22am Woy Woy 11:39am

Gosford 11:49am

Ourimbah 11:58am

Wyong 12:05pm

Wyee 12:15pm

Morisset 12:22pm

Awaba 12:37pm

Fassifern 12:41pm

Adamstown 1:00pm

Broadmeadow 1:04-1:07pm

Warabrook 1:16pm

Sandgate 1:18pm

Hexham 1:23pm

Thornton 1:28pm

Maitland 1:38pm Bold indicates a timetabled passenger stop.

Homebush 09:52am

Concord West 09:56-10:01am

Rhodes 10:06am

West Ryde 10:09am

Denistone arrive 10:11-10:17am

Eastwood 10:20am

Epping 10:24am

Pennant Hills 10:31am

Thornleigh 10:39am

Hornsby 10:44-10:45am

Berowra 10:56am

Cowan 11:00am

Hawkesbury River 11:10am

Woy Woy 11:23am

Gosford 11:30-11:57am

Ourimbah 12:09pm

Wyong 12:16pm

Wyee 12:27pm

Morisset 12:34pm

Awaba 12:50pm

Fassifern 12:54pm

Adamstown 13:14pm

Broadmeadow 1:17-1:23pm

Warabrook 1:31pm

Sandgate 1:33pm

Hexham 1:38pm

Thornton 1:43pm

Maitland 1:53pm

Timetable: Monday 15 April

Locomotive 6029 from Maitland to Thirlmere

Locomotive 3526 from Maitland to Thirlmere

Maitland 08:19am Thornton 08:29am Sandgate 08:39am Warabrook 08:40am Broadmeadow 08:47am Adamstown 08:50am Fassifern 09:21am Awaba 09:26am Morisset 09:38am Wyee 09:43am Wyong 09:52am Ourimbah 09:58am Gosford 10:06-10:42am Woy Woy 10:50am Hawkesbury River 11:05am Cowan 11:20am Berowra 11:24am Hornsby 11:35am Epping 11:50am Concord West 12:05-12:20pm Homebush 12:24pm Flemington 12:37pm Leightonfield 12:53-1:09pm Glenfield 1:21pm Picton 1:58 – 2:08pm Thirlmere 2:32pm

Maitland 09:29am Thornton 09:39am Sandgate 09:49am Warabrook 09:50am Broadmeadow 09:58am Adamstown 10:03am Fassifern 10:23am Awaba 10:28am Morisset 10:40am Wyee 10:46am Wyong 10:55am Ourimbah 11:03am Gosford 11:32-11:40am Woy Woy 11:48am Hawkesbury River 12:04pm Cowan 12:19pm Berowra 12:23pm Hornsby 12:35-12:36pm Epping 12:49pm Concord West 12:59- 1:13pm Homebush 1:16pm Leightonfield 1:37pm Liverpool 1:48pm Glenfield 1:55pm Picton 2:40-2:50pm Thirlmere 15:14pm Bold indicates a timetabled passenger stop.


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