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Mini-train restoration by Chullora volunteers

As part of the review of the Mini-Train operation at Thirlmere, and investigating an increase of its use, it was realised that some of the rolling stock needed to be 'de-charactered' for the purposes of more general operations.

The stored 'Isle of Sodor' Mail Vans were selected for modification to a more NSW Railways outline and colour scheme.

This task was accepted by the Chullora volunteers, lead by Phil Giles and David Oram, who came up with the scope of work and a NSWGR outline style and colour scheme.

Now dubbed the "NSW Country Set", the team have stripped and painted the two ex-Sodor Mail vans into something that would identify them as befitting any NSW Country passenger train prior to the 1980's.

As well as the overhaul, it was also suggested that some sort of roof panel would keep the inside of the carriages free from the dust and dirt that they collect between running times. Once again Phil turned his hand towards a lightweight solution, that was not only effective, but extremely realistic.

Such is the excellent work the Chullora team may yet again turn out some more overhauled carriages in the future.


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