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Locomotives 4464, 4473 and 4486 join THNSW fleet

Locomotives 4486 and 4464, credit: Cooper Chapman

Transport Heritage NSW has recently acquired vintage diesel locomotives 4464, 4473 and 4486 into its collection.


The addition will help support the organisation’s increasing demand for heritage train experiences, both at the NSW Rail Museum in Thirlmere and on main line activities across the state.


Following the introduction of the 40, 41, 42 and 43 classes with varying technologies in quick succession, the NSW Government Railways were keen to implement a standardised class with the lessons it had learned. The resulting 44-class, introduced from 1957, were therefore highly versatile locomotives.


Their design was based on the Alco "World" model supplied by A E Goodwin, making them the first dual cab diesel locomotives introduced to operations. Their design featured a streamlined bulldog nose-like design at one end, and a flat cab on the other.


The 100-strong class was one of the most successful in operation. In their working life, the 44 class served every part of the state, working everything from goods trains to the Southern Aurora between Sydney and Melbourne. Withdrawals began in earnest after 25 years of service following the introduction of the 81 class in 1982. The final class members were retired or sold to other operators in 1994 with the introduction of the 82 class.


Thanks to Goodwin Alco Group for preserving these locomotives over the years and for ensuring these invaluable items of rail heritage were cared for over many years.


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