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Historic steam locomotive relocates to Central West NSW

Transport Heritage NSW is relocating a 120-year-old steam locomotive to a new home at Oberon in the Central West of NSW later this month.

Locomotive 3085 is one of 145 tank locomotives introduced by the NSW Government Railways originally in 1903 for use on the Sydney Suburban Network. It later saw use on regional services, including in Bathurst and the Central West.

Transport Heritage NSW Chief Executive Officer Andrew Moritz says the locomotive is being relocated as part of a new loan agreement with Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway, the NSW Government and Transport Heritage NSW.

“3085 holds the distinction of being the last of the 30 class to be withdrawn from service, and the second last steam locomotive in operation on the NSW Government Railways,” Mr. Moritz said.

“This agreement paves the way for volunteers at Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway to return the locomotive to its former glory as a static display for the community to see and enjoy.”

Locomotive 3085 is currently in a partially dismantled condition following recent works to remove asbestos originally used in the locomotive's construction.  

“We’re thrilled to be welcoming 3085 to Oberon Tarana Heritage Rail and look forward to working with Transport Heritage NSW to ensure the locomotive’s continued preservation,” said Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway President Greg Bourne.

“The locomotive is an important part of the history of the NSW Railways and will be a key attraction for visitors to see and enjoy when visiting our historic railway precinct.”

The NSW Government’s ongoing funding of Transport Heritage NSW has enabled the locomotive’s continued preservation and relocation to Oberon.


  • Locomotive 3085 is one of 145 tank steam locomotives brought into service between 1903 and 1917. It was one of 50 of this class to be built at the Eveleigh Railway Workshops in Sydney.

  • The locomotives were specifically designed for hauling passenger trains on the Sydney Suburban Network, but throughout their history made their way into service around regional NSW in places such as Casino, Leeton, Merriwa and Bathurst.

  • Locomotive 3085 holds the distinction of being the last of the 30 class to be withdrawn from service, and the second last steam locomotive in operation on the New South Wales Government Railways.


  • As one of the last steam locomotives in operation in NSW, the restoration of 3085 is an important part of the story of rail heritage in NSW.

  • Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway has a vibrant and passionate community of volunteers with the skills, expertise and eagerness to restore this locomotive for static display.

  • Previously, the group has worked with Transport Heritage NSW and the NSW Government to restore several passenger carriages under their custodianship.

  • The group are also responsible for the care and restoration of the Oberon Line, a branch line from Tarana to Oberon in passenger service between 1923 and 1971, with goods services ending in 1979. The last steam locomotive to Oberon ran in 1963.

  • Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway are working towards receiving accreditation to operate heritage tourist services from Oberon to Hazelgrove, with plans for future steam operations.

  • For more information on the Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway visit:


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