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Historic electric carriage prepares for return to service

Transport Heritage NSW crews today had the pleasure of transferring historic carriage C 3426 from Carriageworks to Flemington Maintenance Centre.

The carriage will be reunited with vintage electric set F1, in preparation for this year’s events program following a full repaint by volunteer group, Historic Electric Traction.

C 3426 was the leading car on the first electric train to cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1932. Built in 1927, it is an early example of a carriage constructed entirely of steel, representing a great advance in passenger rolling stock design for its time. Although subject to a large number of modifications from 1975 onwards, it is the only one of this type of 'modernised' car to survive intact.

Today, the carriage remains part of the State-owned heritage collection managed by Transport Heritage NSW.

The carriage has been returned to Indian red, reflecting Public Transport Commission branding of the 1970s.

Special thanks to Sydney Trains for their ongoing support and assistance with our operating historic electric fleet.


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