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Deaccessioned rollingstock auction to commence

A variety of deaccessioned collection items, mostly rollingstock, are now available for offer via an EOI process, following approval by THNSW and the NSW Government.

The twenty-four items available for public offer once formed part of the State Movable Heritage Collection and THNSW Collection.

Expressions of interest are now open to the public, which will close on 16 February at 5.00pm.

The items of rollingstock were formally deaccessioned from the collections following thorough review by rail heritage and collection management professionals. They were determined to be in poor-to-derelict condition, and of limited or nil significance.

Members of the public will have a chance to express their interest in the items, detailing what they intend to do with the item, and their best financial bid.

Listings are available to view on the Slattery Auction website.

The EOI process is now open and closes 16 February 2024 at 5.00pm.

Questions can be directed to Slattery Auctions on (02) 4028 0000.


Why are these assets being deaccessioned and auctioned?

Deaccessioning of collection items is part of standard collection management practice.

As part of the establishment of the Chullora Heritage Hub, Transport Heritage NSW has been working in partnership with the NSW Government to review, and where appropriate, rationalise their heritage rollingstock collections.

The review was conducted by rail heritage and collections professionals, who determined which assets in the collections were in a poor-to-derelict condition and have limited or nil heritage significance.

The items were deaccessioned in accordance with the policies of Transport Heritage NSW, Transport Asset Holding Entity and Transport for NSW, and approved by:

  • Transport Asset Holding Entity (TAHE), for items in the State Movable Heritage Collection.

  • The THNSW Board and Membership (as per the THNSW Constitution), for THNSW-owned assets.

Notifications relating to assets on the NSW State Heritage Inventory will be coordinated by THNSW in accordance with section 170A of the NSW State Heritage Act, 1977.

This will ensure publicly funded resources are focussed on caring and preserving an appropriately sized collection, that contains only the best possible examples of rail heritage assets, for the benefit of current and future generations.

How are items deemed of no significance to a collection?

Items can be deaccessioned and disposed of if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • They no longer meet the interpretive needs of the organisation.

  • There are multiple examples in the collection of this type of object and fewer examples are required than are extant.

  • The object contains hazardous materials that cannot be safely or reasonably be managed.

  • A better example has become available and this one is no longer required.

  • The condition of the object is such that it can no longer meet the requirements for which it was first acquired or is no longer safe to manage.

  • New information shows the object is not as significant as earlier believes.

How will revenues raised be utilised from the sale of assets? Revenue received from the EOI process will be used to offset costs involved with the sale process. Any surplus will be returned to the NSW Government through TAHE, and/or credited to THNSW’s Funding Stream #2 use on future collection related projects.

Why are some assets being auctioned without some parts?

Some assets have parts removed for use as spares in items that are in the State Movable Heritage Collection.

What happens if the items are not sold?

Items which are not sold at auction will be scrapped.

Will items be eligible for Stream 2 funding after the transfer of sale?

No. The items will not be eligible for Stream 2 funding. In some circumstances, funding may be available via the Transport Heritage Grants Program (Stream 3).

To learn more about grants and funding assistance, visit the THNSW website

Will the items be delivered to the buyer?

No. Freight/transport arrangements are the responsibility of the buyer.

Will the items go to the highest bidder?

This is a closed expression of interest process run by Slattery Auctions. Bidders will be asked to detail their intentions for use of the items they bid on, plus a financial bid. THNSW has final say on who is the successful bidder.

Who will make transport arrangements of the item?

Transport of the item is the responsibility of the buyer. THNSW will facilitate collection with the buyer and their suppliers.

Can we pick up the item later than 31 March 2024?

Prior agreement is required for collection after 31 March. Items not collected by 31 March will be forfeit.

Is there funding available for the transport of the items?

No, the transport of the item is the responsibility of the buyer.


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