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Connecting Victoria & NSW: documentary funded by Transport Heritage Grant Program

Albury & District Historical Society have released Connecting Victoria & NSW, a 12-minute documentary highlighting the social and economic impact of the connection of Sydney and Melbourne by rail.

The documentary delves into the history of the development of the railways in NSW and Victoria, ultimately forming a connection between the two states and creating unity in pre-federation Australia. It explores the societal, economic and technological impacts of the railway, and the esteemed role of Albury as a symbol of connection and progress.

Albury & District Historical Society received funding for Connecting Victoria & NSW in the 2022 Transport Heritage Grants Program in the category of education and publication. The documentary launched at Albury Library Museum and at the Hyphen library in Wodonga and has since been made available online.

THNSW congratulates Albury & District Historical Society on their fantastic work on Connecting Victoria & NSW. You can watch the full documentary below.


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