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Australian Railway Historical Society (NSW) to record significant oral histories

One of the ways Transport Heritage Grants support the sector is to fund projects that capture stories from our past that are then shared with the public.

The NSW Division of the Australian Railway Historical Society will lead a project to record the experiences of NSWGR employees who also served as National Servicemen in the Vietnam war era.

Listen to James Dalton from ARHSnsw who introduces this oral history project, which highlights the interesting intersection of this aspect of transport history with other significant storylines of our past.

After that, you can watch the follow up video to learn in more depth from four men who will participate; all of whom were employed in the railways and are 'Nashos'. They're keen to share their stories so that others can become more aware of what happened in leaving the NSWGR, training with the Army, serving in Vietnam, and then returning to work on the railways.

See a full list of Transport Heritage Grant recipients for 2021:


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