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An update on Legend of Steam Locomotive 3801

Legend of Steam Locomotive 3801 will regretfully remain absent from the majority of THNSW’s 2024 program of events and heritage train experiences. 

Routine inspections by THNSW’s fleet maintenance team earlier this year uncovered several parts to be worn beyond expectation and now require full replacement.

The repairs and parts required are critical to the engine’s safe and efficient operation and include, but are not limited to, replacement of the locomotive’s crossheads, slide bars, bull rings and piston rings, as well as reboring the cylinders and repositioning the driving wheel sets.  

While work to return the locomotive to service is estimated to take 8 – 12 weeks, some parts are not immediately available, with materials having to be sourced and procured, and patterns constructed to enable casting of the new crossheads. 

At this stage, with information currently available from suppliers and specialist contractors, THNSW expects to return 3801 to steam during the final months of the 2024 steam season.


In the meantime, THNSW will continue to deliver its 2024 program of events and main line heritage train experiences with its remaining fleet of steam locomotives, including 3001, 3265, 3526 and 6029.  

You can see a full list of upcoming events at: 

THNSW’s team of volunteers and staff look forward to returning 3801 to steam soon! 

Image above by Steve Burrows


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