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Locomotive 3801 Project

Bringing an icon of steam back to life.


Locomotive 3801 was built in 1943 by Clyde Engineering and has been in preservation since its retirement from the NSW Railways in 1962.


The locomotive was withdrawn from heritage service in 2007, as it required major boiler repairs. It was decided at the time a brand new boiler would be built for the locomotive. A German manufacturer won the contract to build the new boiler through an open, international tender process.


The new boiler was shipped to Australia in 2010. A number of technical issues were identified with the new boiler, which meant it did not comply with Australian Standards. It was returned to Germany in 2011.


A decision was made in late 2014 by a Steering Committee with representatives from THNSW and Transport for NSW to bring the new boiler to Australia so that further works on the new boiler could be more closely managed and overseen.


The new boiler arrived back in Australia in January 2015 and THNSW specialists have since conducted thorough inspections on both the new boiler and the original boiler, which was removed from locomotive 3801 following its withdrawal from heritage service in 2007.


After weighing up the options, detailed work plans have now been developed to repair the original boiler to ensure it meets safety and operational requirements and is able to be used to return locomotive 3801 back to service in the shortest possible time frame.


Once locomotive 3801 returns to service, the German made boiler will also be brought to Australian standards for certification so that a spare boiler will be available to keep locomotive 3801 in service into the future.