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THNSW attends the 2023 Australasian Heritage Railway Conference

THNSW joined Heritage groups across the country for the 2023 ATHRA Conference, held at Puffing Billy Railway on 21-23 July.

Presentations were held across the three days, focusing on:

  • The state of heritage rail operations across the globe,

  • Updates on ATHRA’s activity, including their very successful insurance program for members,

  • Creating and activating a safety management system,

  • Overviews of ONRSR accreditation,

  • Insurance for operating heritage trains, including emerging concerns regarding cyber and ‘social’ insurance.

  • Volunteering Victoria noting the shifts in volunteer needs.

  • Inclusivity of women in heritage operations.

  • Partnering with an RTO to provide the human resources needed for bigger projects

  • Keeping history alive in modern day presentations, as per Sovereign Hill Museum Association’s re-enactment program.

If you wish to learn more on any of these topics, please email


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