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5,600 people join the New England Steam Tour.

THNSW has just completed touring an historic steam train through the New England region of NSW, taking in Werris Creek, Tamworth and Armidale.

This was the first time THNSW had visited Tamworth since 2014. It was also the first time Armidale had been visited by a steam train in over 25 years! Both weekends were a sell out success, with over 5,600 people carried, including 350 school children — many of whom experienced steam for the first time in their lives. Thousands of smiling faces graced stations and carriages, resulting in an exceptional NPS score of 83, with 98% of customers surveyed keen to experience a THNSW event again. The tour travelled an impressive 2,212km, led by historic steam locomotives 3265 and 3526. The two steam locomotives were supported by three diesel locomotives and 17 carriages, including both a 90-year-old set of sitting carriages, and a support train containing a travelling workshop. None of these accomplishments would have been possible without the support of our partners, including Transport for NSW, Transport Asset Holding Entity of NSW (TAHE), UGL Regional Linx, ARTC, Whitehaven Coal and the Powerhouse. Special thanks to our team of 30 passionate staff and volunteers who delivered this successful operation. Now onto Sydney for the Transport Heritage Expo! 🚂


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