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The first steam loco to cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Locomotive 1905 is one of 68 locomotives of the class built in 1877 for the NSW Government Railways.

The 19 class were designed for hauling goods and mixed trains, and their light axle loading made them perfect for lightly laid branch lines such as could be found at Dorrigo and Oberon, and in good yards like Darling Harbour and Port Waratah, where they could be found right up to the end of steam.

1905 was used on the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and became the first locomotive to cross it, in January 1932.

Throughout its lifetime, it saw service at Lismore, Enfield, Broadmeadow and Eveleigh and remained in service until 1968, after having travelled more than 1.5 million miles. At its retirement, it was the longest serving locomotive still in use at the time with 91 years in traffic.


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