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Board Wrap Up: February 2019

The Board held its first meeting for calendar year 2019 on Tuesday 19 February. This meeting was held at our Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum and was followed by our first Members’ Information Forum (MIF) for 2019.  It was great to see many members and volunteers in attendance.

Highlights from this Board meeting were:

Funding Deed Extension – the Board considered the offer from Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to extend the current funding arrangements to us for a further three (3) years from 01 July 2019 through to 30 June 2022.  The Board determined to accept, in principle, the offer to extend whilst seeking further discussion on some aspects.

THNSW Board Directors – the Board reviewed the criteria for nominations to serve as THNSW Board Directors ahead of this year's Elected Director elections. In line with the Board’s commitment late last year, the criteria will be published on the THNSW website.

New Collections & Curatorial Board Subcommittee (C&CC) – the Board appointed Dale Budd as Committee Chair and Brett Fitzpatrick as Deputy Chair of the new Collections & Curatorial Subcommittee, the Terms of Reference for which were approved by the Board and are now available the website.

Standing agenda items discussed by the Board included safety and environment, the locomotive 3801 project, museum patronage and train passenger numbers, other operational matters, our financial performance and the approval of new THNSW members.

Coming Up

THNSW’s head office will be relocating from its current location in the Australian Technology Park after five and a half years there. Keep an eye out for the announcement giving more information on our new Sydney office location in March.

Our next MIF is being planned for late April / early May, with details to be announced, and the Board looks forward to seeing members there.

Rob Mason Chair


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