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Board Wrap: February 2023

The Board held its first Board meeting for 2023 on Tuesday 28 February 2023. Off to a great start for 2023 The Board congratulated everyone involved in delivering our highest January month results ever at our museums. The NSW Rail Museum saw almost 5,700 visitors in January, of which nearly 4,300 visitors also enjoyed a Loop Line train ride. The Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum also enjoyed its highest ever January visitation. Well done everyone in getting us off to a great start and what an exciting year ahead! Major projects updates The Board received an update from the CEO on our two major projects. Heritage Hub – works to refurbish and upgrade the Tank Annex are continuing and remain on track for the delivery of this building to meet our long-term collection storage needs in April. The planning to move almost 50 items of rolling stock, associated parts and spares and a range of other small object collection items to be housed in the Tank Annex is well progressed. More on this will be communicated in the coming couple of months, particularly how volunteers and staff can help make this move happen. Loop Line Upgrade Project – for the latest update simply go to our webpage Loop Line Upgrade Project | THNSW The Board also welcomed news funding via the Department of Regional NSW for the preparation of a Business Case to reinstate the remaining section of the Loop Line, between Colo Vale and Mittagong, has been granted to THNSW. It is important to note this is not a commitment to fund the upgrade works that will be required to this section of track, however the development of the Business case is a significant first step in this future project. Deaccessions from the collection Following an extensive review of rolling stock held at Broadmeadow and the Large Erecting Shop, the Collections & Curatorial Committee has recommended deaccessioning further items of rolling stock from the NSW Government-owned heritage rolling stock collection, ahead of the move to the Tank Annex at Chullora. Approval will now be sought from the NSW Government. The Board also adopted the Committee’s recommendation to dispose of FFH 2218 from the THNSW-owned collection. SBS 2240 which was previously approved for disposal, will now be kept in our collection.

Annual General Meeting (AGM 2023) Looking ahead to AGM 2023, this year’s Information for Prospective Directors ahead of AGM 2023 is now available on the THNSW website here. The call for nominations will be later in the year.

Next Board meeting The next Board meeting for 2023 is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 28 March 2023. In closing, I again want to thank and congratulate everyone involved what has been a great start to the 2023 calendar year and I hope to see many of you at the upcoming Thirlmere Festival of Steam. The Hon. Nathan Rees Chair


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