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First Class Mountain Radial carriage to be restored

Transport Heritage NSW is in the planning and research phase of the long-awaited restoration of the 1867 built First Class Mountain Radial Carriage No. 5 (W 560). The Eight Wheel Radial Car will be restored by Blue Ridge Woodworks, supported by rail heritage, colour specialist and author Garry Saunders. The carriage is to be restored to its 1880s appearance so that Transport Heritage NSW audiences, including visitors to the NSW Rail Museum, can experience the opulence of a first-class railway carriage and understand its unique radial engineering. The carriage is one of six eight-wheel radial carriages built for the NSW Government Railways and thought to be the only surviving example in the world. It is the only carriage of international significance in state owned transport heritage collection managed by THNSW. It was designed to negotiate the steeply graded and tightly curved tracks of the Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands lines and was revolutionary in its technological advances. The unique iron underframe features Adams’ style radial axles, which were designed to navigate curves more smoothly than fixed axles, remain in remarkably original condition. When built, it was considered the last word in luxury; the body is comprised of a teak frame with mahogany exterior paneling, buttoned Moroccan leather upholstery and gold trimmed teak interior linings. The project is expected to be complete in late 2025.


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